About Aahwahan Foundation

About Aahwahan

Aahwahan - is an NGO that is involved in promoting the welfare of the economically backward sections of the society by generating employment across various sectors. It was founded in 2009 by a team of like-minded individuals with a commitment to eradicate poverty. Our constant efforts have touched the lives of people. We believe in community development. Urbanization has had an impact on the traditional economic systems in the country and has shifted the socioeconomic preferences.

The socioeconomic growth and wellbeing of people are so interconnected, that it is not feasible to ignore any one of them. Hence, we have teamed with a wide cross section of people to bring about a transformation in the rural environment.

Time to change the world


Education always beats the beauty and the youth." Education is so rudimentary...


Aahwahan family believes "health is a blessing" and thus taking a step...

Intigrated Agriculture

Aahwahan foundation bring about innovations in the field of agriculture...


Aahwahan commits not only to the well being of the poor,but also...

Women Empowerment

The empowerment & autonomy of women and the enhancement of their social, health...

Beach Cleaning

AHWAHAN FOUNDATION is deeply concerned about beach pollution such as plastic bags...

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Aahwahan Patrika

Bibhu Ranjan Barik

Aahwahan Foundation
  • Class: VII
  • School: Rajendrapur M.E School
  • Place: Barikpur

Swadha Mohanty

Aahwahan Foundation
  • Class: IX
  • School: Gopabandhu High School
  • Place: Narayan Pur

Jyotipuspa Das

Aahwahan Foundation
  • Class: V
  • School: Dinabandhu U.P School
  • Place: Basta


Aahwahan Foundation

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Aahwahan Foundation

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Aahwahan Foundation

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