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Bolster capacity and optimize resources to deliver on the organization’s holistic development plan with a focus on equality and inclusion, accountability & transparency, and sustainable growth.

AAHWAHAN Foundation believes in the spirit of partnership and has joined hands with community organization, civic bodies, corporate, educational and development institutions, as well as government to strengthen its cause and ameliorate the situation of underprivileged children and youths in India. The entire management and operations of Smile Foundation is on compliance with the principal of “good Governance” and thus sets itself apart with its set norms of sustainability, scalability, accountability, transparency, credibility and effective leadership.

At Aahwahan, we support, characterize and direct the effort and interests of various development activities, united by a common goal to remove poverty.

We are deeply committed to influence governments and policy-makers, improve the skills of people in the sector, enhance organizational capability, and deliver opportunities to exchange information, knowledge, and expertise.

Aahwahan Mission