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Education- A treated fundamental right

As Chanakya rightly said" Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education always beats the beauty and the youth." Education is so rudimentary that it itself becomes an identity of an individual. It is always a much talked topic and people have debated over years of how to clinch to almost perfection; nevertheless, we outstretch a generation where there are diverse forms of education. Education gives a vision of hope for a better world.

India and Education:

India is an institution in itself with many forms of education and has witnessed educational evolution from gurukul system to digital system; from Nalanda to IITs and other top-notch universities. But did we reach a position where education is in every house to nook and corner? The answer is Certainly not. Government has taken up many schemes and initiatives to help everyone grow ,but is it enough? What is our role as a citizen and where we can contribute to make it happen is what we should focus on. In doing so a likeminded people came together with a slogan ”Education is for all” and thus Aahwahan Foundation is born.

Who is Aahwahan Foundation?

Aahwahan Foundation is none other than the people of India, when you have a thought to bring change for good; you belong to Aahwahan-the call from within. We are a representative that makes your wishes come true, your willingness to make change for society and your utmost desire to abide by your inner feelings is what we do in Aahwahan.

Awareness- Buckle Up:

A project undertaken with great enthusiasm is a project accomplished. Aahwahan being the stepping stone for a new India has in its small time of establishment set clear goals of its undertakings. Being in the top of new NGOs we have certain styles which is indifferent to any other NGOs today. We systemize the to-do list for our new projects. “Awareness is a boon for safety” and henceforth we concentrate 51% of each program with a Awareness kit. Volunteers of our organization burned the midnight lamps creating agendas for every awareness programs. From camps of awareness slogans to leaflets distributed to the heads of the villages we leave no stone unturned. For sensitive issues, separate awareness sessions are held for various section of people like men programs, women programs, children programs so on. Education awareness is a must topic in all our awareness programs.

Wheels of Education:

Change comes with the rolling wheels where you move your thought from present situation to a paradise. With such a motive we set forth to bring a new kind of education to the underprivileged. One of our project is Computer Institute on Wheels. Its a digital India! Everyone shouts but the irony is formal education has not stepped in to our villages. In this world of information technology where the cities are moving at fast pace, some of our villages have not heard of computers. Hence we come together for a new way to provide computer education. A team of volunteers qualified in computer technologies go on wheels to villages for free computer education of an hour. In a year around 90 students irrespective of any age group are taken in a session of education from a village, weekly 6 villages with a periodic rotation of 4 months for the next session. Girl benefits our highest priority: we have specially two lady trainers on van for girls. Let us join hands in making it a revolution for a change. Aahwahan Foundation stands out from the rest for its uncommon and exciting projects. We invite all to join us and take part in our next program for computer institute on wheels.

Free computer centers inside schools:

Our motto “An extra skill is an extra feather on our wings” rightly fits to this project that we have taken. Around 7 schools are benefited with free computer centers inside campus with proper permission and the entire expense of these centers taken up by Aahwahan Foundation such as KC girls high school, Baidhar ME school and many more in the pipeline. A computer teacher from our fondation is appointed for such centre. Our achievement is making it possible and with all love and support you give us.

Free education for poor:

To bridge the gap of the privileged and the underprivileged free education is provided for the poor. With research carried out, the reasons which are stopping education is poverty, unawareness of its benefits, accessibility and many other social issues so awareness programs are done first followed by execution of free education. We have around 37 kids whose educational care are taken by Aahwahan Foundation till 10th standard.

Health Teacher- a check on you

Health teachers has a eye on you; with education of the eternal, internal education and maintenance is as beneficial. A health teacher from Aahwahan Foundation looks deep down into you and take care of our health related issues and gives report daily for a backup team of doctors to be available on time. Also motivates students to take part in daily yoga and games and mental well being. As the saying goes- a healthy mind rest in a healthy body, we at Aahwahan provide complete package for education. Not to forget about the awareness session about superstition which is quite prevalent among the remote areas, health and hygiene program during parents- students meet. Aahwahan thus ranked with good certification for its unique programs and set as an inspiration for new upcoming NGOs.

With a do and die attitude, Aahwahan Foundation welcomes each and everyone who wants to be part of “change- a new beginning” and contribute to a better tomorrow for thousands. We invite everyone to make your contribution in any possible way. Pave a way in this mission with a true determination and gear up to become a representative. We aspire to work with you, with your contribution. Hope to see a “legend in the league” for the mankind as a whole and totality.