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Become a Winter Soldier

Winters are a tough time. With temperatures dropping drastically and the added chill in the winds, survival becomes harsh especially for the needy and homeless. Every year hundreds of people become a victim of this phenomenon. The bitterness of winter affects a vast majority of population in ways unimaginable to the comforts of our living rooms.

Aahwahan takes up the challenge of providing for all these helpless people during the harsh winters. Every winter calls for a blanket donation campaign from this young NGO. We try to reach out to every person in need during winters and provide them with the warm comfort of a blanket. By doing this, we save the lives of hundreds of people shivering in the bitter cold.

With the comfort of our living rooms, we, tucked into our beds or sofas wrapped in layers of warm clothes, fail to realize the pain of all those people who have to battle out the cold in the open or with minimal resources. We easily beat the winter with our warm, cozy clothes that are at our disposal any moment we wish for. But, all of us are not so lucky. There are people out there who do not have money to afford a day’s meal. How will they afford warm clothes? This is the question all of us who never had to face the bitter truth of winters should be asking ourselves. Aahwahan, the best NGO of this country gives you a chance to come out of your comfort zones and for once think about the greater human population that we generally tend to ignore. It gives you a chance to be a Winter Soldier and help the people who need or to be more precise deserve the very basic comfort in this winter. As fellow human beings, it is our duty, our obligation to look after all our other fellow humans and, at Aahwahan, we do just that.

Aahwahan foundation organizes blanket donation campaign every winter in Orissa, Delhi NCR and other parts of North India where the chilling effect of cold is the maximum. This young NGO tries to reach out to as many people as possible, living in the open or on the streets. The, Become a Winter Soldier campaign provides needy people with the best quality blankets along with dry ration and dignity kits. All the supplies provided by us is thoroughly checked for quality to ensure that the person in the street is under the same blanket as the person staying inside a cozy home and has the same ration as that served in a high end restaurant. Aahwahan foundation also takes utmost care in ensuring that all our supporters get a first hand update of our campaigns as we believe that transparency at Aahwahan is a decisive factor in our growth and retention of our supporters as well as bringing in new supporters and volunteers every day. Aahwahan not only ensures that your support is used at the right place but also encourages you to go out there and lend your helping hand towards the needy. This makes us unique and the best NGO of this country.

With the onset of winters knocking at our doors, Aahwahan plans to expand its service for humanity to other parts of the country. In order to do that, we require a minimum of 4000 blankets this year. We firmly believe in our supporters and know that whenever we need them, they will be by our side. With our supporters by our side we know that this year’s campaign is going to a bigger success. We humbly call out to all the people out there who share the common dream of helping others in need, to come and be a part of our mission and vision for there is no better joy and satisfaction then helping others and saving a life.

Come this winter, be a hero, a winter soldier for the needy. We all come across people in need around us. So this winter, let us pledge that we will not let anyone shiver to sleep. Wherever we see people fighting this harsh cold with nothing but themselves, let us help them by providing warm clothes or warm food to them. This should be a personal commitment for all of us who know that our fight against the winter is a piece of cake, people who have enough to take them through this winter comfortably. Remember, you don’t need to be a part of a greater cause to start a change, for the change is within you.