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Aahwahan Foundation works with individuals to drive philanthropic initiatives and collaborate on strategies that scale-up solutions to substantial social issues. We build trust with donors in creating philanthropic strategies with a focus on improving the well-being of vulnerable communities.

We recognize the growing significance of individual donors in India’s philanthropic environment and consider it as “strategic giving”. Donating for a social cause is a noble act regardless of the motivation or approach. It could be an extremely enriching experience. However, the seriousness, scale, and complexity of India’s social issues require philanthropists to think beyond personal satisfaction.

The ongoing issues underscore the requirement for individuals not only to contribute greater resources but also to ensure that their contributions are strategic to have a major impact on critical social development indicators.

Giving voice to the diversity of philanthropy practices, recognizing and identifying the trends and cultural facets that impact giving in various parts of the nation, highlighting the challenges that still stand in the way of effective and extremely sustainable philanthropy are amongst some of the organization’s strategic goals.

We invite you to consider the powerful, immediate and long-term impact of supporting our mission – an investment in community development.