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Aahwahan Foundation takes pride in supporting schools across various initiatives. The long-term objective is to ensure students become competent, contributing members of society.

Hence, all our efforts are directed towards nurturing their hidden talent and helping them realize their highest potential. We encourage the students to participate actively in extracurricular activities with an emphasis on holistic development.Talking about the greater prospective of our Mobile Computer Education, it has a great social responsibility as to how it can bring a change for the poor villagers’ children specially girls where education is minimal or nil be it due to personal reasons or negligence of proper educational benefits in that place.

Aahwahan Fundation

Even today, girls of underprivileged communities are barred from education in India. In cases like these girls will be benefited as they have to dedicate only an hour of time in education along with their primary concerns like household chores and supporting their families and free of cost.

We help schools in building infrastructure that is vital for the functioning of a community & society. Skill development in school education is crucial. We would want to contribute, on a small scale, by strengthening the position of teachers.

Aahwahan Fundation

Hence, we have always emphasized on the significance of continuous skill training of teachers and enable them to be up to date with the evolving requirements of the school curriculum.