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PR plays a crucial role in the effective management of NGOs. Several NGOs are developing PR strategies to attract attention and funds. Foundations and charities are utilizing advanced PR campaigns to raise funds and craftily use outstanding lobbying techniques with governments.

NGOs also look to mobilize public support by creating awareness about an organization’s objectives. This could result in the flow of funds. At present, visibility is a premium commodity. If an organization has a strong story to tell, it could easily grab the headlines. Having an exclusive brand story, helps an organization build brand awareness and position robustly in the market.

NGOs too have to raise visibility for their service. Hence, they work with communication programs to ensure their message reaches the audience. NGOs face several challenges and opportunities, including vying for space in the media-clutter. The USP of an NGO is its inherent creditability, not impacted by the profit motive. Though the mission could be noble, if the organization is not telling its story consistently and strategically, it would definitely not succeed.

Aahwahan Foundation is keen to collaborate with the media to share idea, experiences, seek opportunities for training, and foster professional development through the creation of local networks of journalists who report on issues that our NGO deals with.