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Meet Braja Kishore Pradhan, the man techie social entrepreneur bringing the change in rural India

For future generations to remember us with gratitude instead of sorrow, society must learn to achieve more than just the miracles of technology. We must leave behind a natural environment and a social structure that fosters inclusive growth. With this thought process, Braja Kishore Pradhan forayed into a career in technology, successfully scaling up to leadership positions with prominent companies in the IT capital of India - Bangalore.

Social Entrepreneur

Social entrepreneurs are the cornerstone of change in society; they deliver services that would not be possible for government and businesses, always striving for equality and being the champion of social justice. Braja Kishore was still bothered by one question - What is my social responsibility? How am I applying technology to shape our social and economic interactions? This turbulence in his mind led to the launch of the Aahwahan Foundation.

Social Distancing

Urban India has been practicing social distancing much before COVID-19. The rapacious nature of contemporary economic growth has not penetrated rural India. For decades rural India has been socially and economically kept at a distance. Nearly 70% of India's population lives in rural areas; lifting them out of poverty would significantly transform India economically. Aahwahan Foundation's focus has always been on rural growth.

Services offered by Aahwahan Foundation

Computer Institute on Wheels

Low IT skills perpetuate economic deprivation and inequality. Computer skills development can decrease unemployment, increase incomes, and improve living standards. Empowering rural women through jobs in the digital economy can provide them with a means of earning a living while breaking the social barrier. Our focus is on preventing a grave social stigma - an early marriage of women.

Promoting the extraordinary hidden talent of rural children

Passionate, forward-looking gen-next must be groomed and guided for the progress of society. Our groundbreaking initiative, 'Aahwahan Patrika,' promotes collaboration with the school system to uncover creativity and innovation within their students

Aahwahan Foundation