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Over 4 million people of Assam have been displaced by the annual floods in Assam. As per information released by Assam State Disaster Management Authority, the death toll has crossed 27. More than 4000 villages across 28 districts out of the total 33 districts of the state have been affected. The total population of Assam is more than 3 crore; of which over 53.5 lakh are being threatened by the monsoon mayhem. Nearly 1000 houses have been damaged and around 88 animals have lost their lives. Nearly 16 lakh animals, including livestock, have been affected. In the world-famous, Kaziranga National Park, pictures of rhinos trying to move to higher grounds have sent shock waves among environmental groups.Assam flood relief fund The volunteers of Aahwahan Foundation are working round the clock to support relief work.


Assam flood relief fund 2019, Food and drinking water have been provided to the families who have been forced to take shelter in schools and relief camps. Our immediate aim is to prevent the spread of diseases.Assam flood aid Hence, we are organizing medical camps. We are also coordinating with local communities to monitor the water level and identify any missing humans/animals that have been displaced by the floods. The state government in Assam is proactively using the government machinery to facilitate relief. However, the government’s efforts alone would not be enough. Aahwahan Foundation aims to be a catalyst in scaling up the relief initiativesAssam cm flood relief fund. The floods have not only impacted people physically but emotionally too. Thousands have lost their means of livelihood. We are also looking at the psychological aspect of the relief. Rehabilitation and reconstruction would be a long-term process. Assam chief minister flood relief fund In the short-term, our focus is on reducing the adverse consequences of disaster by providing the basic amenities and strengthening the supply chain.


We shall also be collaborating with government representatives to assess the damage to the houses, farmlands, schools, bridges and road links across Assam. Floods are a regular feature in Assam. A scientific approach to mapping flood-prone areas along with establishing systems to forecast and prevent widespread disruption due to floods is vital for states such as Assam. Assam flood relief donation done by Aahwahan Foundation is willing to coordinate with various stakeholders to find an effective solution.


As a prominent social sector organization, we are committed to demonstrating higher levels of transparency and accountability. Aahwahan Foundation has been established to serve a social cause. We would also like to assure the public that relief operations are consistent with our organization’s core values. Every fund received would be accounted for and every relief material accepted would be delivered to people who are in dire need of it. Our volunteers are regularly interacting with the affected people in Assam and prioritizing those requiring immediate support. This way, we believe the process of relief work would become more effective while also strengthening the Assam flood, relief donation 2019, flood relief in Assam government’s response.


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