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Yes, you read it right. Its institute on wheels. At this age of Information Technology, we are all surrounded with a lot of technology in day to day life to ease out a lot of work just with minimal effort and time.

Have we ever wondered how much these technologies reach to every corner of this world have? In India there are still some places where information technology has still not stepped in, but how to bridge this gap between a city and a remote village where still lack of electricity and no internet network is a big concern. Should the upcoming generation from the villages be deprived of recent trends in technology? In this effort to bring entire India and its youth together in same pace, we are starting Mobile Computer

Talking about the greater prospective of our Mobile Computer Education, it has a great social responsibility as to how it can bring a change for the poor villagers’ children specially girls where education is minimal or nil be it due to personal reasons or negligence of proper educational benefits in that place. Even today, girls of underprivileged communities are barred from education in India. In cases like these girls will be benefited as they have to dedicate only an hour of time in education along with their primary concerns like household chores and supporting their families and free of cost.

In a year an estimate of around 300 students irrespective of any age group are targeted from one locality. With their school education an added skill like computer will benefit a lot. Talking about how this program is going to be scheduled and managed, we are targeting weekly 6 villages with a periodic rotation after 4 months, every batch per group will have a 1 hour class. Each batch will have 8 students so that each student gets equal focus, special care will be taken for girls providing 80% focus and there will be 2 lady computer teacher in the van which will help these girls to open up and acquire the skills in ease. Post training a periodic survey will be done as to how much t

Our organization Aahwahan Foundation an NGO is starting free computer education to villages in Sikkim, Orissa, Jharkhand, Bihar. A team of well educated people in the field of IT will move from village to village giving free computer education to upcoming youth.

Its benefits will be getting free computer education which will help the students in future. Also it will open doors to job opportunities to the skilled computer students in any organization. Lets join together to make entire India a country of Techieshe students have learnt and also to clear if there are any loopholes during trainingEducation.


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